These grounded heavy duty step up/step down voltage transformers with multiple outlets are for continuous use with 110 Volt North American appliances with foreign 220 volts electricity or 220 volt appliances with 110 volt electricity.

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1000 Watt Power Voltage Converter Transformer 110/120/220/240v (300 Watts) Max.
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    This CE certified THG-1000UD step up/down transformer is specially designed for such electronic equipment whose rated AC voltage is different from that of the local net voltage. They are safe for use within the rated voltage range. Selectable Input Voltage: AC120V/220V 50/60HZ With fuse protector Output Voltage: AC 110V OR 220V. Enables to use standard US 110 volt appliances abroad with 220 volt or European 220 volt appliances in USA with 110 volt.1000 Watt maximum capacity heavy-duty...