• 7500 Watt Max Capacity
  • For Continuous use with US 110/120 volt products in overseas 220/240 volt countries such as Ghana, Nigeria
  • Converts 220/240 volt down to 110/120 Volt and vice versa
  • Input and Output terminals for hardwiring
  • Compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz
  • Durable Design with 2 Heavy-Duty Carrying Handles
  • Comes with terminal Connectors
  • Left Knob is Neutral and Right Knob is LIVE for both 110V and 220V.
  • CE Approved and Certified
Price: $249.99


    This converter needs to be HARDWIRED . There are no outlets on this converter. There is a Voltage Selection Switch on the front (SEE PHOTOS). There are 2 Red Input Terminals and 2 Black Output Terminals. You need to call an Electrician to connect this converter to your power source. Great for Mobile Homes and other large voltage situations. 7500 Watts Capacity. For Continuous use. Needs to be Hardwired. No outlets are on this converter. You cannot plug anything into it. You must use live Power and Ground wires to connect this to your power source then to your item/house/trailer/etc. Converts OVERSEAS 220/240 Volt down to 110/120 Volt AND 110/120 Volt up to OVERSEAS 220/240. Dimensions: L - 15" x W - 13" x H - 12" approx. Weight: 60 lbs approx. CAUTION: It is not appropriate to use this converter past approximately 80% of its capacity.