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    • This is the type A plug adapter from Europe/Asia type C plug to type A North American wall outlet. This adapter will allow your European/Asian device to plug into American style electric outlet.

    Converts European/Asian Ungrounded Plug to American Ungrounded Plug.

    • Converts ungrounded Euro/Asian plug to ungrounded North American Plug
    • Input: 2 Prong Flat (male)
    • Output: 2 Prong Round Receptacle (female)
    • Non-grounding Adaptor Plug A
    • A Pattern slip-on adaptor plug. Used in Western Hemisphere, North & Central Pacific. Valuable for adapting polarized plugs to non-polarized sockets (e.g. Japan, Central America). Accepts both parallel-blade plugs and round-pin transformer / converter plugs, as well as polarized plugs (where one blade is wider than the other).