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Step Up-Down Voltage Converters

These grounded heavy duty step up/step down voltage transformers with multiple outlets are for continuous use with 110 volt North American appliances with foreign 220 volts electricity or 220 volt appliances with 110 volt electricity.
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Step Down Voltage Converters

These heavy duty step down voltage transformers are for continuous use with 110 volt North American appliances with 220 volts electricity. These voltage transformers are fitted with  Euro/Asian style Schuko plug.
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Voltage Stabilizers

These voltage stabilizers or voltage regulators provide smooth, clean electrical power for trouble-free performance. Protect appliances from power surges, power drops, spikes when converting the voltage.
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International Plug Adapters

These plug adapters allow you to plug your appliances into another type of electrical wall outlet. They are  designed as solutions to the electric wall outlet configuration problem.
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Universal AC-DC Adapters

Our universal AC/DC adapters are 110 volt and 220 volt with selectable DC output power. For use with Keyboards, Telephones, Walkmans, Portable Radios, Baby Monitors and more. Also includes airline and car adapters for laptops
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Surge Protectors

These surge protectors have multiple outlets on them and protect your equipment from power surges. This is an ideal solution where power fluctuation occurs frequently.
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