Step Up-Down Transformer-Based Voltage Converters

Step up/step down transformer-based voltage converters with multiple outlets are for use with foreign voltage devices with US 120V power or vice versa.

Step Down Transformer-Based Voltage Converters

Step down transformer-based voltage converters are for use with 120 volt US appliances with 220 volts foreign power. These voltage transformers are fitted with Euro/Asian Schuko plug.

Step Up/Down Voltage Stabilizers

Step Up/step down voltage converters with stabilizers protect appliances from power surges, power drops, spikes when converting the voltage and provide your devices with smooth, clean electrical power.

Step Up/Step Down Transformers with Meters

Step up/step down voltage transformers with meter are for use with appliances worldwide and most models have multiple sockets and fuse protected.

International Plug Adapters

These plug adapters allow you to plug your appliances into another type of electrical wall outlet. They are designed as solutions to the electric wall outlet configuration problem.

Surge Protectors

These surge protectors have multiple outlets on them and protect your equipment from power surges. This is an ideal solution where power fluctuation occurs frequently.

Uninterruptible Power Supply-UPS

Our UPS power backup units are designed for use overseas with 220/240 volt power. Available in four different sizes, these UPS power backup systems also offer overload and surge protection.

Travel Voltage Converters

For use with non-electronic heating appliances like hair dryers, irons, tooth brushes, coffee cup heaters, AC adapters, chargers and appliances with heating elements.

Universal AC-DC Adapters

Our universal AC/DC adapters are 110 volt and 220 volt with selectable DC output power. For use with Keyboards, Telephones, Walkmans, Portable Radios, Baby Monitors and more. Also includes airline and car adapters for laptops.

International Phone Jacks

These phone jacks are designed for use with telephones and modems that use North American RJ-11 jack. They will allow to plug North American phones/modems into traveling countries telephone socket.

Power Inverters

These power inverters are electronic devices that converts 12V DC voltage from the car or other DC power source to SINGLE standard 120 volt 60hz or household power.

Dual Voltage Appliances

Dual voltage appliances such as hair dryers, curlers, shavers, travel irons are designed to work on 110V/220V 50/60 Hz for worldwide use.