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Norstar GS-50D 50 Watt Foreign Voltage Converter Travel Adapter Step Down Seven Star SS212, 50 W, 50 Watt Travel Voltage Converter, 220 volt to 110 volt, 220v, 110v,120v,travel converter
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    This GS-50D converter is perfect for any vacation overseas. Since it is so small in size and can fit in the palm of your hand, it barely takes up any space in your luggage bags. This converter comes built-in with the Standard 2-Round Pin European/Asian style of plug, but you can get it to fit any Wall Outlet overseas by attaching a simple Plug Adapter to it.NOTICE: Do not use this converter with an appliance that will operate near the maximum capacity of this converter. For example, if you...

    Norstar GS-50U 50 Watt Step Up Foreign Voltage Converter Travel Adapter  Seven Star, SS214, SS-214, 50 W, 110 TO 220 VOLT, 50 Watt, Step Up converter, Reverse Voltage Converter ,SS214,110V TO 220V, 110 volt to 220 volt, 220 volts,110 volts,120v,120 volt, 240 volt
    Price: $8.99
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    Item #: GS-50U -

      Norstar GS-50U Reverse Step Up Converter Converts 110 to 220 Volt to Use Foreign 220 /240 volt Appliances in USA with standard 110/120 volt electric outlet. Use it for Telephones, Shavers, small lamps, lights, chargers etc.