Seven Star F200W 200 W Watt Compact Voltage Converter 220v To 110v Transformer For Electronics
  • Seven Star F200W 200 W Watt Compact Voltage Converter 220v To 110v Transformer For Electronics
  • F200W 200 Watts Compact Step Down Voltage Converter
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    • Converts 220-240 Volt down to 120-110 Volt AC
    • To use American 110 volt appliances in foreign countries with 220 volt electricity
    • Maximum 200 watts capacity
    • For continuous use with Computers, Printers, Fax Machines, Stereo Systems and other electronic devices
    • Excellent quality - CE Certified
    • Manufactured by Seven Star
    • Compact size
    • Output socket on this unit accepts both U.S two or three prong plug.
    • Power cord fitted with Type C European style plug. Optional Plug adapters for many other countries available.
    • For export overseas 220V use only. Not for use in North America.
    • Weight 2 lbs.
    • Product Dimensions: 5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
      Item Weight: 2 Lbs. Approximate
      Brand: Seven Star
      Model: F-200W

    How to find correct Voltage Converter

    To determine the right voltage converter for your appliance, first find out the voltage (110 or 220 Volt AC) and wattage rating (watts or amps) information on the back or bottom of the appliance or from instruction book of an appliance. If no watts are shown and only amps are shown, multiply the volts (input AC) by the amps to find the watts.

    For example,
    Volts (AC input) x Amps(amperage) = Watts (Wattage)
    110V x 0.5A = 55W

    Please note that some items need a bigger "buffer zone" because they tend to spike in power. If your item needs 200 Watts, then this converter is NOT good for that item because the required wattage of your item is too close to the maximum wattage of this converter. We do not recommend using this converter past approximately 80% of its maximum capacity of 200. It is always safer to have MORE than what you require, than to not have enough. If you use this converter at its maximum capacity for a prolonged period, it will eventually burnout.


    Please note transformers are to be used with caution in any case. Keep away from moisture areas and children. We assume no responsibility for misused transformers. We can always recommend a certain size and model for any appliance or electronic that you have. Please contact us if you have any questions.

    • This voltage converter is not suitable for use with heat producing items like hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners and appliances that has heating elements such as heating pads, toaster ovens, rice cookers, kettles, cloth irons, etc.
    • items like televisions, computer monitors, power tools, laser printers tend to spike in power on startup. For safe operation it is advis