Price: $16.95



    Seven Star SS215 UK British Style Travel Voltage Converter Converts 220/240 to 110/120 volt allowing to use standard North American appliances in  UK, Africa, UAE. Works well with Shavers, boomboxes, Telephones, chargers and other small devices. Fitted with British style 3 prong square plug.

  • For use with travel appliances like Razors, Radios, Shavers, AC Adapters, Rechargers and other Small electric items under 50 Watts
  • Converts 220/240 volt electricity down to 110/120 volt US electricity to use appliances in UK, Ireland, Africa, UAE
  • Built-in 3 prong UK plug (input male)
  • US type socket (output female)
  • 50 w watt max capacity
  • Made by Seven Star Model SS215