Simran PG3 50-1600 Watt 220 to 110 Volt International Voltage Converter Plug Adapter Kit For Foreign Travel
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    Grab the power to travel anywhere with the Simran PG3-Kit 50-1600 Watt 220 to 110 Volt International Voltage Converter Plug Adapter Set For Foreign Travel. This all-in-one kit enables you to use small appliances from home while exploring other continents.

    Comes with a voltage converter to safely transform 220V to 110V for compatible devices up to 1600W
    Includes 5 popular plug adapters to connect your electronics in 150+ countries
    Fuse protected for safety and durability
    Compact case keeps everything organized in your suitcase
    Tired of leaving your favorite hair dryer or electric shaver behind when traveling abroad? This kit lets you use appliances up to 1600 watts in a new country, like drying your hair or making a cup of coffee. It converts the 220-240V power overseas to the 110V that your electronics need.

    The Simran PG3-Kit is a must-have for frequent travelers who don't want to compromise on comfort and routine while on the road. Make your life easier wherever you roam with reliable power conversion.

  • Designed for small appliances with 50-1600 watts
  • Converts from 220 volt to 110 volt
  • 0-50 Watts or 50 -1600 Watts Selector Switch
  • 50-Watt setting is designed for Blackberry, phones, Cameras, iPods, razors, shavers, tape recorders, calculators, radios and other battery chargers
  • 1600-Watt setting is for hair dryers up to 1600 watts, electric blankets, bottle warmers, etc.
  • Fuse protected. 
  • Switchable Low-High Wattage Settings
  • Compact storage case contains a voltage converter
  • Also includes 5 different adapter plugs that can be used almost in every country.
  • Manufacturer: Simran
  • Model: PG3-Kit
  • Note: This converter is not meant for use with kitchen appliances, heating appliances, hair straighteners or power tools