• Up to 50 Watt capacity
  • Plug for Europe/Asia 220 240 Volt Outlets
  • Fuse protection system
  • Steps down 220 Volt to 120 volt allowing to use American appliances in foreign countries.
  • Steps up 110v to 220v allowing to use foreign devices in USA/Canada
  • For use with Telephones, Shavers, Radios and other small electronic items under 50 watts
  • Unit's socket accepts 2 prong or 3 prong US plug
  • Euro/Asian style two prong round plug Type C
  • European to US adapter plug included
  • Model: SM-50D
  • Brand: Simran
  • Price: $16.99



      This SM50-D converter is perfect for any vacation overseas. Since it is so small in size and can fit in the palm of your hand, it barely takes up any space in your luggage bags. This converter comes built-in with the Standard 2-Round Pin European/Asian style of plug, but you can get it to fit any Wall Outlet overseas by attaching a simple Plug Adapter to it.

      NOTICE: Do not use this converter with an appliance that will operate near the maximum capacity of this converter. For example, if you have a CD Player and it states that it is 50 Watts or 45 Watts, you should not use this converter.

      REMINDER: This converter should not be used with any item that generates Heat. For example... Coffee Makers, Water Kettles, Microwaves, Tea Pots, Toasters, Ovens, Rice Cookers, Hair Dryers, Curling Irons, Hair Straighteners, Hot Plates, Clothing Irons, etc.