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  • 110/120V to 220/240V OR converts 220/240V to 110/120V
  • 300 Watt Dual Step UP & Step Down Voltage Converter Transformer (indoor use only).
  • Heavy Duty with Continuous use
  • Outlet in front of the unit accepts 3 or 2 prong US and Euro plugs
  • Hard wired with a European Shucko plug. FREE US plug adapter. Durable design with a heavy-duty cord. CE Approved and Certified
  • European To U.S Plug adapter included
  • Two Spare fuses included.
  • CAUTION: Make sure the wattage and voltage of your appliance or equipment and the wattage of the transformer is suitable for each other, and the proper input voltage is selected on the back of the transformer according to the country of use before you connect the transformer and turn it ON. Failure to follow the instructions may result in damage to the transformer and the appliance.
  • Specifications

    • Dimensions: L - 5.50" x W - 4.00" x H - 3.50" approx.
    • Weight: 7 lbs approx.
    • Model number THG-300 Step Up/Down
    • Standard Certification: CE

    Additional Information

    For safety reasons, it is recommended to use a Voltage Converter / Transformer that's max watts is at least 50% higher than your appliance. For example, if your appliance is rated at 1000 watts, you need to buy a Transformer with a max power of at least 1500 watts or greater. Some appliances, such as heating appliances, power tools, motors, laser printers and TVs need a bigger "buffer zone" because they tend to spike in power, For safe operation it is advisable to choose a voltage converter that is twice the actual wattage rating of these appliances.

    How to find correct Voltage Converter

    To determine the right voltage converter for your appliance, first find out the voltage (110 or 220 Volt AC) and wattage rating (watts or amps) information on the back or bottom of the appliance or from instruction book of an appliance. If no watts are shown and only amps are shown, multiply the volts (input AC) by the amps to find the watts.

    For example,
    Volts (AC input) x Amps(amperage) = Watts (Wattage)
    110V x 0.5A = 55W


    Please note transformers are to be used with caution in any case. Keep away from moisture areas and children. We assume no responsibility for misused transformers. We can always recommend a certain size and model for any appliance or electronic that you have. Please contact us if you have any questions.

    What's in the Box

    • 300 W watt step up & down voltage transformer
    • Free 2-spare fuses
    • American Style Plug Adapter (Euro to U.S)