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Seven Star SSPP-5000 Precision Power 110/120/220/240-Volt Step Down / Step Up Transformer 5000W Watts

Use your electronics in more places with the SSPP-5000 Step Up/Step Down Transformer. This transformer can handle up to 5,000 watts of power, converting 110 to 120 VAC-rated appliances for use on 220 to 240 VAC power grids or converting 220 to 240 VAC-rated appliances for use on 110 to 120 VAC power grids. Each of the high-capacity sockets are shockproof and a pair of spare fuses as well as a round pin adapter plug are included.


  • Step Up/Down transformer converts 220-240 volts down to 110-120 Volts or 110-120 volts up to 220-240 volts. 5000 Watts Max Capacity
  • Four input voltages selectable: 110V/200V/220V/240V
  • All range fuse protection with two spare fuses included
  • CE certified
  • Safety breaker switch to power on and protect from electric shock
  • Six outlets for output in the front (4 x 220v, 2 x 110v)

In the Box:

  • Seven Star SSPP-5000 Step Up/Step Down Transformer (5,000W)
  • Round Pin Adapter Plug
  • 2 x Spare Fuse


  • Maximum Wattage: 5000 W
  • Voltage: 110/117/120 VAC to 220/230/240 VAC
  • 220/230/240 VAC to 110/117/120 VAC
  • Package Weight: 43.8 lbs.
  • Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 15.7" x 10.4" x 9.7"

How to find correct Voltage Converter:
To determine the right voltage converter for your appliance, first find out the voltage (110 or 220 Volt AC) and wattage rating (watts or amps) information on the back or bottom of the appliance or from instruction book of an appliance. If no watts are shown and only amps are shown, multiply the volts (input AC) by the amps to find the watts. For example, Volts (AC input) x Amps(amperage) = Watts (Wattage) 110V x 0.5A = 55W The size of a voltage converter is defined by the wattage. Therefore, the size you'll need depends on which devices you'll be powering and the number of watts they use. We would recommend using a voltage converter / transformer which has a Wattage that is 2 to 3 times higher than your appliance. Certain appliances such as power tools, motors, laser printers and TVs require a converter 2-3 times the Watts that the appliance is rated for because they require a surge of power when they are turned on. This extra wattage is a precautionary measure to ensure that your equipment will function properly and that the voltage converter will not be damaged. Keep in mind that a transformer with a higher watt rating will never hurt your appliance, however if you buy one that is not strong enough, it will not work.

1. On back of the transformer, select input voltage according to country of use . At 110 volts countries such as USA, set the input voltage switch to 110 volts. . At 220 volts countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, etc., set the input Voltage switch at 220 volts.2. High Humming sound may be hard if set incorrectly, disconnect immediately. 3. After selecting the correct input voltage on the back of the transformer, push ON/OFF switch to the ON position.4. Check the watts on your equipment to make sure you are not exceeding the max watts of the converter. Please remember to multiply the watts consumption of your equipment by 2-5 times to accounts for voltage spikes.5. Do not let it be over maximum capacity of the transformer. 6. Turn off when not in use.

***Note: For indoor use only.