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    Model: Seven Star ES5CVoltage: 220V/240V 12 Amps Max.Universal Receptacles: 5 universal socket outlets that accepts plugs from most countries including UK, Europe, Asia, AfricaEuropean style power cord 220 240 VoltShuts-Off automatically in case of power surgeLightning surge protectorBuilt-in circuit breaker means no need to replace fuses ever !

    TC3000G 3000 W Watt Step-Up-Down Converter Transformer
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      TC5000G 5000 Watt Step Up-Down Transformer Converter
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        5000 WATT HEAVY-DUTY VOLTAGE CONVERTERThis converter is perfect for most motorized appliances and electronics. The way to know if your appliance is compatible with this converter is to check how powerful your appliance is. Every appliance and electronic item has a small Label on it filled with information about that item. Please look for this label on the back or underneath your item and read how many Watts or Amps it says that item uses. Please note that some items need a bigger "buffer zone"...

        Seven Star SS-230 EU Europe to US USA 50-2000W Travel Voltage Converter 220v to 110v Power Transformer
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          DUAL WATTAGE CONVERTER 50W/2000W FOR SMALL U.S 120V ELECTRONICS AND HEATING APPLIANCES TO BE USED IN EUROPEAN /ASIAN /AFRICAN 220V/240V COUNTRIES SPECIFICATIONS:Compact Travel SizeInput: 220/230/240V AC Ouput: 110/120V AC Step Down: 220/230/240V to 110/120V Voltage ConverterConnectors:European Plug Accepts American flat pin plugsLow-High wattage selector 0-50 watt or 50-2000 wattFor 110V electric heating appliances up to 2000 watts and electronic appliances upto 50 wattsThermal Fuse Protection...

          International Voltage Converter Adapter Kit SS204K
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            1600 Watts light duty, Converts 220 Volt to 110 Volt, Plug Adapters For USA, Europe, UK, Australia included.Converts 220/240 volt foreign electricity to North American 110/120 volt electricityEnables traveler to use 110 volts North American small appliances, like hair dryers, heating pads, irons toasters etc. in countries that have 220/240 volts AC power. Includes 4 different adaptor plugs that can be used almost in every countryUp to 1600 watts capacityFor use with appliances with Heating...