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    This Simran AC-300W converter is perfect for most motorized appliances and electronics. There is no way to write every item that can or cannot work with this converter here on this page. The only sure way to know if your appliance is compatible with this converter is to check how powerful your appliance is. Every appliance and electronic item has a small Label on it filled with information about that item. Please look for this label on the back or underneath your item and read how many Watts or Amps it says that item uses. Please note that some items need a bigger "buffer zone" because they tend to spike in power. If your item needs 300 Watts, then this converter is NOT good for that item because the required wattage of your item is too close to the Maximum wattage of this converter. This converter is ok to use with many items that require approximately 240 Watts.

    We do not recommend using this converter past approximately 80% of its maximum capacity of 300. For example, most LCD/LED Televisions state that they require 300 watts to operate. But when the TV is turned on and before the picture comes up on the screen, there is always a brief power spike. Therefore, for Televisions, we recommend choosing a converter that is at least 2 times higher than what the stated operating wattage is. So for a 300 Watt TV, we would recommend a 750 Watt converter. It is always safer to have MORE than what you require, than to not have enough. If you use this converter at its maximum capacity for a prolonged period, it will eventually burnout.

    Please note transformers are to be used with caution in any case. Keep away from moisture areas and children. We assume no responsibility for misused transformers. We can always recommend a certain size and model for any appliance or electronic that you have. Please contact us if you have any questions.

    -300 Watt Maximum Capacity, heavy-duty continuous use transformer.

    -Converts 110/120 Volts to 220/240 Volts OR converts 220/240 Volts to 110/120 Volts (A switch is on the back of the unit).
    -Compatible with 50Hz/60Hz.
    -On/Off switch with indicator lamp.
    -2 outlets on front of unit - one for each voltage (110V and 220V).
    -1 US Patented Universal Output Socket will accept almost any type of plug (except the big South African Plug).
    -Insulated power cord is hardwired with a grounded USA plug also for use in Canada and Mexico.
    -Comes with a grounded Shucko Plug Adapter to enable use in Europe and Asia.
    -Fuse Protected with Two Free Spare fuses included.
    -CE Certified.
    -Weight: 7 lbs

    -Model: AC-300

    Additional Information

    CAUTION: Make sure the wattage and voltage of your appliance or equipment and the wattage of the transformer is suitable for each other, and the proper input voltage is selected on the back of the transformer according to the country of use before you connect the transformer and turn it ON. Failure to follow the instructions may result in damage to the transformer and the appliance.