Price: $129.95



    MODEL: TC-3000G

    • 3000 Watt Maximum Capacity Voltage Converter Transformer
    • Step Up 110/120V AC to Foreign 220/230/240V AC
    • Step Down from Foreign 220/230/240V AC to 110/120 AC
    • Shock-Proof Sockets
    • Allows you to use 110/120 voltage Appliances or Electronics in a 220/240 voltage country.
    • Allows you to use Foreign 220/240 voltage Appliances or Electronics in a 110/120 voltage country.
    • Plug-Adapter Included Free
    • Two Spare Fuses Included Free
    • CAUTION: Make sure the wattage and voltage of your appliance or equipment and the wattage of the transformer is suitable for each other, and the proper input voltage is selected on the back of the transformer according to the country of use before you connect the transformer and turn it ON. Failure to follow the instructions may result in damage to the transformer and the appliance.


    • Item Model Number: TC3000G
    • Box Size: (D x W x H) = 40.5 x 29 x 24.5 CM
    • Weight = Approximately 32 Pounds

    What's in the Box

    • TC3000G Transformer x 1
    • Spare Fuses x 2
    • Plug adapter from Euro to US X 1